People often dismiss ‘having your head in the clouds’ as a playful idiom. But those living in penthouses disagree. For them, every day is spent waking up to bits of heaven floating in the sky and sleeping to the dazzling skyline of a city besotted with the luxuries of the night. This is the good life. And it is, more often than not, found at the topmost floors of skyscrapers.

Fair to say, then, that penthouses – often the hallmark of the grandest residential projects in Mumbai – promise an exceptional life within their luxuriously designed spaces. And if you are looking to convince yourself of buying one, then these five reasons should be more than enough:

1. As private as ‘private’ can be

Since penthouses generally occupy the entire top floor of a building, you get rights to exclusivity. There are no neighbours, no adjacent apartments, and no hustle and bustle of the building. It’s just you, your loved ones, and unbesmirched joys of living. The higher your penthouse is, the farther you are from the chaos of city life and the howling of the roads. Throw a private party or set up a family barbecue – all permissions are granted! All in all, it’s another world altogether where freedom is not just experienced but cherished.

2. A panoramic view of the city

What would luxury apartments in Mumbai be without the promise of breath-taking views? Some penthouses are blessed with large outdoor spaces in the form of an enormous roof deck or balcony from which the city’s magnificent skyline is visible. This bird’s eye view is not only refreshing but also a thing of art. With a cup of coffee in your hand at sunrise, there is nothing else you would rather enjoy than watching the city wake up before your eyes and life petering out into the streets  below ever so slowly.

3. Space to fill your dreams with

Since the entire floor is yours, it’s not hard to imagine how incredibly spacious penthouses usually are. But experiencing the length and breadth of the penthouse is something different altogether. Many penthouses have a couple of floors of their own, while the outdoor space, as mentioned earlier, is designed to be extremely expansive, something that regular flats miss out on.

4. Blessed with luxury

It goes without saying that penthouses are an embodiment of luxury living at its finest. It’s often an abode nestling in the clouds designed artistically to resemble a royal residence: plush interiors, bespoke flooring, modular fittings, and all living amenities of the highest order. Many have a private elevator as well. Fit for a king, we say!

5. Cynosure of all eyes

Living in a penthouse is not merely about living well. It’s a lifestyle, and an accomplishment. It’s what everyone desires and everyone dreams of. If you stay in a penthouse, your reputation is sure to grow and precede you – one that paints the image of a respected, successful individual living life to the fullest.   

Penthouses, thus, are perfection –they open the doors to a life you have been dreaming of.