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Your Guide To Choosing The Right Floor For Your Apartment

Imagine you are actively looking to purchase an apartment. Your hunt for your dream 2 BHK apartment in Goregaon has brought you to one of our high rises and you have already fallen in love with the interior design. But what about choosing which floor to take up? This is where most people end up getting stuck with their choice swaying invariably like a pendulum – should you settle for the top floors or hole up at the bottom? Truth be told, such a decision rests upon the shoulders of many factors. One does not simply do a coin toss or pull out a lucky ticket from the raffle to determine which floor to stay on. The rise of high rises in today’s metropolises, especially cities like Mumbai, means you can metaphorically build an abode amongst the clouds. Apartment buildings with flats in Goregaon, Mumbai and other locations in the city can go up as far as 15-20 floors! But which floor? Let’s find out by taking up the various factors involved in the selection process one by one. View One of the USPs of staying in a high-rise apartment is the view. Naturally, the higher the floor, the more panoramic will be the view. Imagine waking up to the scenery of Mumbai city’s splendid skyline! Verdict: Topmost floors Accessibility If you are one who is always in a rush to get out of your home, especially when you are ready for the office, or want your walk to the nearest store to be as quick as possible, then it makes sense to opt for a flat on the lowermost floors. This is all the more reason if you detest waiting for elevators. Verdict: Ground floor or lower floor with minimum stairs Ventilation Flats in the upper and middle parts of the apartment building are bound to receive more airflow as compared to the ones on the lower floors. Verdict: Higher floors Evacuation During emergency situations like a fire or other hazard in the building, it is imperative that you exit it as soon as possible, and reach the safety of the ground. Verdict: Ground floor or lower floors with minimum stairs Sunlight Again, as is with ventilation, the higher the floor, the more sunlight it will receive. If natural lighting is a concern, then go for the higher floors. However, this also means that lower floors have cooler temperatures. Verdict: Topmost floors for lighting/Lower floors for coolness and shade Acrophobia Not surprisingly, may people have a fear of heights or vertigo. You might also have claustrophobia which will make elevator rides extremely uncomfortable. Verdict: Ground floor Quiet If you are looking to stay as far away as possible from the hustle and bustle of the world, especially the roads, then upper floors make sense as they are more secluded and quieter. Verdict: Higher floors Family considerations If you have infants, young kids and elderly or physically-disabled people in your family, then you want them to stay safe and comfortable in the flat. Staying at the ground floor will make it easier for them to step out of the house as well. Depending upon which factors you prioritise, you can easily come to a conclusion. Happy floor hunting!

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