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4 Intelligent Ways to Increase Your Residential Property's Value

Buying a residential property is among the most important and viable investments you make in your lifetime, with the goal that it’ll deliver value over the years. As per experts in real-estate, one of the best ways to ensure this is to ensure its upkeep with proper repairs whilst simultaneously making smart improvements to your home. Not only does this help build equity but also get achieve highest value when you’re looking to sell.            
Read on to learn about 4 intelligent ways to increase the value of your residential property:

1.Amp up the appeal

The first recommendation to increase the value of your property is to make it look more attractive. The way your home looks is the basis of forming a good first impression when you’re trying to woo prospective buyers. Focus not only on the exterior but also on other important areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. These two areas can often be the standing limitation to your property reaching its highest value. The remodeling does not necessarily imply complete renovation – you could go for minor remodeling with new countertops, cabinets or by upgrading your appliances.

2.Make it low-maintenance

Today’s fast paced life demands homes that require minimum maintenance. Many potential buyers could worry about the amount of regular maintenance that a house needs – be it installed appliances such as fans or structural requirements such as the roof. With improvements made to your existing home, you can ensure that when being sold, it comes with the promise of ease and minimal maintenance. For example - many luxurious apartments in Goregaon and other booming parts of Mumbai come with low maintenance finishes, which are extremely luxurious, such as quality granite counter tops and premium CP and Sanitary fixtures. Small considerations such as these can go a long way in enhancing your home’s value.    

3.Make it energy efficient

Buyers are becoming increasingly conscious and are looking for eco-friendly features in their home. For small changes, you can start with energy efficient appliances and double glazed windows. Not only does this help save hard earned money but also contribute to an eco-friendly environment. If you’re willing to invest more, add solar panels to your roof. There are numerous such ways to make your home more energy efficient and environment friendly. You can also look at purchasing a home in a building which is energy efficient and IGBC LEED rated. This ensures the building is “Green” and hence friendly to the environment and also energy efficient.

4.Turn your property into a smart home

Homes today are getting modern upgrades and becoming progressively smarter. From smart security features to lighting that can be controlled from your phone, homebuyers desire integration of best-in-class technology with durable infrastructure. By making your house smart, you add appeal to the property, which will eventually augment its value.

The real estate market in important areas such as Mumbai and Goa is growing at unprecedented speed. With support from Government regulations, improved connectivity and new developments, prospective sellers are at an all time advantage. No matter whether you own 2 BHK flats in Mumbai Thane or a 1 BHK apartment in Goregaon, with these tips, you can look at getting top value for your residential property. Continuous improvements to your home coupled with favorable market conditions in Mumbai pave the perfect opportunity to enhance your residential property’s value.    

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