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To Live in Goa is to Live a Dream

Once in a while, it really hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to.” – Alan Keightley

In Goa, that is precisely what you feel when you are gazing at the sunset from the window. Everything feels so different in the land of sand, surf and sun. When in Goa, you would often find yourself wondering how you came to be a part of a world so colourfully chaotic yet ponderously peaceful – if ever you decide to own a piece of Goa, that is.

Given the number of splendid luxury villas in Goa that have sprung up over the last few years, finding one which you can call a home is no longer just a dream. Just ask those who fell in love with the Konkani state. But how and why did this love affair of dreamers with the Goan landscape begin?

An escape into the sea

Goa’s beaches are its lifeline, and it is precisely here where you can find yours, too. From the energetic and vibrant beaches of the north to the quaint and quiet beaches of the south, you can choose to live closer to both the natural world and your nature, whatever it may be. Imagine staying in a bungalows on rent in Goa near the beach – reinvigorating morning walks in the sand, lazy afternoons in the sun, and the cool breeze of the night!

If you ever come to live at our gated living community of Aldeia de Goa near Bambolim beach, for example, you will realize what we are talking about. 145 acres of a seaside hill station which boasts of luxurious living amenities and perhaps the most desirable beach villas in Goa, the Aldeia de Goa truly transcends your living experience to another level. This is exactly what you get when you choose to inhabit Goa’s treasured coastline.

Hallowed spaces inspired from history

450 years of Portuguese rule has surely left Goa with an indelible mark on its history and architecture. Porches, verandas, courtyards, large windows, strikingly coloured facades, grand staircases, balcoes (covered porches) – the Baroque-architecture gives every Goan homeowner’s property an identity of its own.

A celebration called life

Goa is synonymous with revelling in life, be it the customs, festivities, carnivals or the sumptuous cuisine of the state. Life in Goa is a 365-day affair of cherishing the spirit of living, and is bound to bring you a discovery of yourself. Today’s modern homes in the state stress upon relaxation, rejuvenation and leading a fulfilled life near the seashore, something one rarely finds in a metropolis.

To conclude, the only way to truly acquire a piece of Goa is to become one. And the journey to this goal of yours begins with finding a home there.

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